…From more than 30 years,

The company was founded as a small family-run business and over the years we have grown as a result of support from all our customers, exporting our products throughout Europe and beyond. However, we do not forget our origin and being Italian. We manufacture Univerciok delicacies in our factory in Italy, and still do so by following traditional methods. We constantly offer the best, our experts select prime raw materials from all over the world: we purchase the most prestigious cocoa from the Ivory Coast, finest sugar rigorously produced in Italy, and sophisticated blends of tea from the best cultivations. Production is scrupulously followed and controlled throughout its different phases, and the final product is only packaged and distributed if it meets the standards set and controlled by our quality office and sales network, which is composed of consultants who are available and well-trained, to assist and guide our customers to choose the product that best meets their requirements.


Innovation and constant research for new products to offer the market are our unwavering strong points. Over the years, we have been pioneers in launching products that are widely appreciated today, such as our Ginseng Coffee, cold Coffee Cream, Chai, and our latest range of 100% ORGANIC products. Univerciok has always focused on new market trends in order to satisfy each type of customer and meet the most diverse requirements. This is the reason why besides the BIOLOGICAL LINE, you will also find GLUTEN FREE, ZERO HYDROGENATED FATS and VEGAN OK lines. We have mouth-watering temptations to satisfy the most exigent taste buds and most diverse tastes…all you have to do is taste them all!