Is a range of Teas, Herbal Teas and Infusions individually packed in pyramid filters. The filter only has whole leaves, which preserve authentic nature and goodness. The fabric of the filter encourages contact with water, enhancing the exceptional colours and scents of the blends.

Black Tea

  • English breakfast
  • Bucce d'arancio
  • Coriandoli di fiori
  • Tè degli amanti
  • Havana
  • Imperial Earl Grey

Green Tea

  • Gunpowder Extra
  • Summer Solstice
  • Tè del deserto
  • Tè della fortuna

White Tea

  • Pai mu tan


  • Nettare di Pesca
  • African Sunset
  • Tè sul nilo

Infusi di frutta

  • Frutti-di-bosco
  • Tramonto rosso
  • Cuore delle dolomiti
  • Armonia dell'anima

Hers Infusion

  • Dopo pasto
  • Bonne Nuit
  • Dimagrante
  • Gioia di vita
  • Depurativa
  • Ventre piatto

27 pyramid-shaped filters for box


Natura Life is our line of teas, herbal teas and infusions composed of carefully selected blends from the best tea cultivations.  Many fine flavours to satisfy lovers of the most common beverage worldwide. The silk pyramid filters are packaged with whole tealeaves and pieces of fruit so each mixture  unleashes the aromas and original flavours of each component during infusion. There is a Natura Life for every time of day, from the classical English Breakfast, which is a typical black breakfast tea, to Bonne Nuit herbal teas for peaceful, relaxing nights. A excellent range of teas, herbal teas and
fruit infusions you can no longer renounce.