A line that combines the ancient flavours of Chocolate from around the world with the most unusual spices and flavours. This is how 12 exclusive recipes were created to satisfy the most exigent palates and entice the most curious of customers. The practical single-dose sachets guarantee simple, quick preparation of the perfect chocolate.

  • ancient Aztec recipe Xocoatl
  • Ecuador
  • Bitter
  • Orange & Cinnamon
  • chilli pepper
  • ginger
  • mint
  • peach & amaretto
  • strawberry
  • strudel
  • Banana & cream
  • white with citrus

Single dose bag of 32 g, boxes with 30 bags


Hot spices…taste that improves one’s palate. An unprecedented journey through the history of taste, starting from the oldest chocolate to reaching the most amazing combinations of spices and unexpected flavours. Amongst the oldest ones we find the recipe of Xocoàtl, bitter and very spicy Aztec chocolate, the two greatest Cru, Ghana and Ecuador that enhance the fine cocoa from these countries and the classical dark chocolate with its round, determined taste. The most innovative recipes offer the finest cocoa enhanced by special sought after flavours such as mint, cinnamon, Cayenne pepper and ginger.
The only white chocolate in this line stands out amongst the others with its gentle but bold taste as a result of the hints of spices and slightly hot curry. Many tastes and flavours are skilfully blended together in this line of unique and incomparable chocolate, and the perfect harmony that binds them together will leave you speechless.