Chai is a traditional Indian beverage made from black tea and spices, and matcha is green tea par excellence, the finest in the world.   Two oriental-flavoured and extremely versatile products. They are perfect to enjoy with water and milk, and why not….chilled in summer.

  • Original
  • Original sugar free
  • Original Deca
  • orange
  • Mango
  • Vanilla
  • Power
  • Matcha

Automatic dispenser: pot of 350 g


Automatic dispenser: pot of 1200 g


Milk Chai


Chai tea & Matcha


In 2013 we brought this delicious oriental tradition to Italy. Two innovative and versatile products that stimulate the sweet scent of India for whoever tastes them. CHAI is a traditional Indian beverage made of BLACK TEA, MILK and SPICES, which has digestive, thirst-quenching and antioxidant properties. It has a rich taste, is creamy and its stimulating scents characterise this delicious product that is perfect to enjoy as classical tea, dissolved in hot water or together with milk, just like a creamy cappuccino. MATCHA, the green tea par excellence, has always been used by Buddhist monks as a meditation beverage and is considered to be the healthiest, most valuable and rarest variety of tea from Japan.  Its leaves, grown in the dark, are harvested, dried and pulverised, creating a tea that is rich in VITAMINS, MINERALS and CHLOROPHYLL. Chai and Matcha can be prepared according to preference, dissolving the product directly in water or milk, using the chocolate pot or vending machine.