The excellent taste of yoghurt in a soft cold cream.
One product to prepare Gioyo Cream, the traditional, creamy yoghurt and Gioyo Soft, delicious yoghurt ice-cream. A versatile product that is suitable for all types of customers, is delicious to enjoy natural or together with fruit, toppings, and decorations.

  • Plain
  • zero fats with grape sugar
  • Creamy-Tangy

Bag of 1000 g


Yoghurt is certainly one of the most complete and nourishing foods, suitable for the young and old.

Rich in calcium and carbohydrates, it is perfect to enjoy at any time of day: breakfast, light lunch, snack… in summer and winter! Enriched with fruit, cereal or topping, it satisfies the palates of the most ardent food lovers.  The three variations of Gioyo give customers a wide selection.

Neutral, with its traditional taste and creaminess make it ideal for breakfast. Ideal to enjoy with

Sour creaminess, slightly tangy, perfect at lunch with honey and cereal; its taste is strong and is ideal to boost your energy!

Zero fat with lactic bacteria and grape sugar. Its delicate flavour and the absence of fat makes it perfect for those who follow a healthy and balanced diet.  With fresh fruit in season, it is the ideal well-balanced, light dessert or snack.

Gioyo is a must in your premises!