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High Quality Products from more than 30 years

Since 1983, Univerciok has stood for high quality and professionalism offering products of a very high standard at the right price.
Founded as a small cottage industry for the production of unfinished confectionary ingredients, it now enjoys a primary position in the Food & Beverage sector.
The valuable experience of the owner, Nicola Ventura, and his son Giovanni's great enthusiasm, have enabled the firm to widen its market considerably right from the outset: in fact even before the 90's, their distribution network had already expanded to the international sphere. Currently, Univerciok is well established in many areas of the Italian market and has dealings with 30 countries around the world, boasting high-level know how of powder and liquid unfinished products used in a wide variety of ways in different market sectors such as: cake-shops, ice cream parlours, bars, hotels, small, medium and large foodstuff industries.
The careful choice of raw materials, constant attention during each stage of processing, continuous investments in research and innovation and the quality service offered to our clientele have always been the standards that have led to our continuous growth, resulting in a considerable increase in turnover, especially in recent years. Moreover, the most recent investments on the part of our company aim to achieve an organizational and logistic efficiency in order to satisfy client demand with greater speed and promptness. The ease and speed with which our products can be prepared for consumption, with the addition of easily available, low cost ingredients like milk and water, satisfy the requirements of every concern; besides these simple yet fundamental characteristics, Univerciok also offers a choice of different weights, various types of packaging and numerous flavours. Furthermore, delivery of our goods is rapid and safe, thanks to the co-operation with the best-qualified firms in the transport sector. Also compliance with existing laws concerning foodstuffs is ensured thanks to careful monitoring, and each stage, including reception of raw materials, processing, packaging, stocking, sales and tracking of our products is carried out in accordance with the HACCP Reg. CE 852/2004 self-checking system.